Many days I wonder why my children do not have the ability to complete a task with speed.  I say, its time to go, we need to hurry, move faster, lets move, get going, fast feet, we are going to be late, mom is feeling frustrated, quick in the car, seatbelts, go go go, you’re moving slower than a turtle, a snail, a slug… something terribly slow.  It just doesn’t matter what I say, they move at a pace that could make any parent that is late for something go temporarily insane… and whose kidding who on the temporary part.  I probably hit insanity long ago and I am still unclear if normalcy even exists when raising young children.  What’s ironic about the entire process is that we all need to slow down, minus an activity or too, play a little dress up with our kids, or even throw the spontaneous after dinner dance party in the kitchen.  Really it is their inability to move quickly that should be our constant reminder to live life at the pace of a three year old.  Maybe we should look around us more, take longer to tie our shoes, linger over our morning coffee, leisurely stroll down the driveway to the car before school, munch on our cheerios for just a few minutes more, brush our teeth and gargle for the fun of it.  I mean gargling does really make a funny sound and nothing makes my kids laugh in the bathroom more then when someone gargles… well that is until someone chokes and then the fun is over.  Ok but seriously… we move quickly most of our day and if even for a few minutes we live as though we were a child, where nothing imaginable could make us increase our pace, we would all benefit.

So cheers to living like a turtle & moving at a snails pace…if only for a moment or two.

The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.

Oliver W Holmes