Parent Check In

Do you lay awake at night wondering if you are doing it all right?  Do you have questions about parenting and yet you are too busy to even begin sorting through all the books and articles?  Come and enjoy a 2 hour session, either over the phone or in person, and inquire away!  This session will include an email follow up.  A written summary can be provided for an additional fee.  You will leave this session feeling armed with tools, ideas and peace of mind!

Cost:  $300

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Parent Support

Are you wishing you had a parent guru on your team?  Are things feeling a little out of
control at your house?  Are you wondering why your children are not listening to you?
Are you raising your voice more than you ever thought you would?  Are you feeling exhausted?   Come and enjoy an 8 week all inclusive parent spa package.  Each week will include a one hour session, either over the phone or in person, along with email support between each session as required.  Mealtime battles, sleep deprivation, meltdowns, back talk, homework, transitions, sibling rivalry, peer issues, technology addiction, struggling to stay on the same page as your spouse… no topic is off limits.  We will cover the issues that pertain to you and your children. You will leave feeling organized, calm and more joyful, as you will have gained strategies that will see you through your entire journey as a parent.  Please note that written summaries are available on request for an additional fee.

Cost: $1200

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Educational Seminars

This is a service that I offer to all parent groups and is a great way to stay informed.  I strongly believe that knowledge is power and that the more we know the better equipped we are to be great parents.  Below are 3 Seminars that I passionately speak on:

Social, Emotional and Physical Development Р In this seminar we will explore the stages of development and how we can parent to support each stage.  Parents will learn how to align their expectations realistically and how to help guide and nurture a child as they move through each developmental stage.

Anxiety in Children and Parents РGone are the days of no schedule and free roaming children and here are the days of high expectations and achievements.  How do we as parents mitigate the anxiety that we sometimes feel as we race against the clock to meet the demands of raising our kids?  How do we help our children achieve their best without feeling unnecessary anxiety along the way?  After this seminar you will have strategies that will empower you to parent confidently and calmly without feeling anxious!

Motivation in Children¬†– Have you ever bribed your children to behave? ¬†Do you reward them for good behaviour? ¬†Come and learn how bribes and rewards may be interfering with your child’s intrinsic motivation. ¬†In this seminar you will also learn ways to bolster their own sense of self as they discover what it is that motivates them.

Cost: $300 – Seminars are approximately 1 hour in length and I leave 30 minutes for questions and to speak with parents one on one if they so wish.

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