How Was Your Summer

How was your summer???


Are you ready?  Here it comes… the everyday is back, the lunches, the homework, the shoes by the door, the crazy mornings, the daycare, the preschool, the signatures, the field trips, the pick ups, the drop offs, and the ‘How was your Summer?’ question that you get asked from now till the end of September.  How was my summer… hmmmm… well, it was kind of crazy.  A trip home to Toronto to visit family, a conference in Chicago, & 3 weeks at a coastal shack mingling with the mice and giving blood transfusions to the local mosquitoes.  My boys displayed the appropriate amount of sibling rivalry considering they spent endless hours together, we made a few trips to Dairy Queen, and I took just enough spectacular endless summertime photos to put on Facebook.  So here I am on the Sunday before it all begins blogging with my coffee in hand listening to a little Daft Punk and realizing that the schedule will rule and I’m already dreaming of the odd Saturday morning sleep in.  I can’t decide if I am the mom who cannot wait for school to start or if I am the one who is going to miss the unscheduled days of summer.  Maybe I am a little bit of both?  My twins just turned 10 and grade 5 homework could prove challenging for all.  My youngest is starting grade one and by default his homework will rarely get done.  Hockey season is just upon us and I am anticipating the lacing of multiple pairs of skates.  As much as I will quietly resent the endless laundry cycles of sweaty hockey gear I will be the mother with her nosed pressed up against the glass oozing with parental pride.  Those crazy boys are mine and I am so grateful for all that they bring to my life.  So here we go… another school year ahead of us… approximately 200 school lunches till next summer!  I hope you enjoy the shift from summer to school and that you find some time to celebrate the great parents that you are!  Be easy on yourselves as everyone adjusts back to reality.

There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein