Hockey Team

Hockey Team

Sometimes as a mom I just want all my family members on my team.  I want them to come to the game prepared having pre read the game plan.  They should already know their positions. I would be the head coach and ideally I wouldn’t yell from the bench… But once in a while deem it necessary to light a fire under my players… “I said, put your shoes away in the closet… We’ve done that play a million times.”

And as you all know there can only be one head coach, yet a good assistant coach will be able to anticipate what I need without over thinking it and screwing up the big master plan. You know the kind of assistant that can follow your lead and still show initiative, but not too much initiative.  The players should just do what we did at practice – the same drills we do every week and they should be focused and willing and have positive attitudes and they should treat their team mates (aka siblings) with love and respect.  There should be a penalty box for slashing, roughing, interference & tripping.  You would get a game misconduct for poor sportsmanship.  If the team works hard and follows through on the play we will win the game… and just maybe the coach will take the players to Dairy Queen.

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All life is an experiment.  The more experiments you make, the better.

Ralph Waldo Emerson