My Story

As I sit here and think about “my story” I feel as though I could draw a line down the middle of a blank page.  On the left side of the page I would tell you all about the systematic pieces of my life.  I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario and I recently participated in a graduate program in affiliation with Seattle Pacific University, called the Parent Coaching Institute.  A year long intensive course that covered everything from coaching methodologies, child development, & even how our brains fire synaptic thought processes.  I have a keen interest in psychology, sociology, physical, social, & emotional development, & I am very intrigued by how our brains grow and function.

So is it fair to say you are sufficiently bored and we skip to what I would write on the better side of that page!  If you are really going to get to know me I need to tell you that I have an incredible zest for life, I would do anything for anyone, and I love to find perspective through laughter.  I encompass a vivacious and determined spirit that is willing to share what I know, but more importantly to learn what I don’t know.  Almost nine years ago my life was altered forever when I gave birth to red headed identical twin boys.  Seeing as that was not life changing enough we decided to go for one more and we welcomed our third boy, who affectionately calls himself a ‘fire bullet’, – some may claim that he takes after me.  What I did not know was that these three little men were going to teach me the greatest of life lessons and build the strongest of character.  Our home is filled with struggles, triumphs, tears, laughter, sickness, health, frustrations, successes, I’m sorry’s and I LOVE you’s!  I have washed cat pee off Thomas the Train tracks, driven madly to emergency, desired to parachute off a few WestJet flights, & have had myself the odd full blown tantrum!  I have also been the recipient of every spring dandelion, every morning hug, & every evening kiss… and by memory alone I can proudly recite Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and pictures by Clement Herd.

I am the only Queen in my castle, as even the cat is a boy, and what I have discovered & unveiled is a true, unspoken, unwavering, non-judging, compelling, sincere, & deep COMPASSION… compassion for every parent and every child and the quest for their loving relationship.


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller