Continued Imperfection

So if you read my first blog you will find it incredibly hilarious that I had my mimosa – but I didn’t take down the Christmas decorations.  I focused on the heart of the matter… which is relaxing on a Sunday morning.  We need this downtime to rejuvenate in this crazy world we all live in.  I am the stay at home mom, who just happens to own a business, while I raise three boys a husband and a cat.  Life is full.  I manage not only my own schedule but the schedule of all around me.  This home runs because of me.  I coordinate the entire show.  I am the captain of my ship and when things slip through the cracks I have this dialogue with myself that is so completely unforgiving.  I am my own worst enemy.  So I have decided there is a lesson in all of this.  The part of me that has to grow is how I treat myself.  I need to create a soft place for my soul to land.  So in an attempt to create this soft place I am not only sharing my imperfect self I am celebrating it.  It is the side of me that is going to cultivate that self love.  The kind of self love that loves me when things are running smoothly but more importantly the kind that loves me when my house looks like a bomb went off, or I said the wrong thing to one of my boys, or I lost my patience, or I forgot to return an important email, or pay a bill and so on.  It seems so ironic that the highest standards I have are for myself, especially when it comes to raising great kids.  I am a parent coach after all… shouldn’t I be the perfect parent and have the perfect home and run the perfect business?  I am falling from the pedestal as we speak and as it stands there was no inner forgiveness.

So I invite you to come on this journey as a parent and as whole person.  Create that soft place for your soul to land.  Love and laugh when you fall and be good to yourself.  Isn’t this what we would want for our kids?  Isn’t this the example we want to set?

So this weeks entry is my messy kitchen.  I went to bed and left everything as is.  The sink is full, the quesadilla maker is dirty and left out, we scrambled for clean counter space as we poured the breakfast cereal… but we managed.  I captured the moment in a photo and I invited my dearest friend over for a cup of tea without cleaning it up.  I figured if she judged me by the state of my kitchen we really were not meant to be friends anyways.  There would be plenty of time for cleaning later and as I sit here writing this blog and I continue to look at this undesirable mess I am taking inventory of my own soulful state.  Sort of like a check list:  I am still the proud mamma of three boys, the cat is still alive, my husband is out working hard, we are all well and breathing and it looks like I am still the captain of this ship… my messy beautiful ship!


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