Imperfection is the new Perfection

Imperfection is the new Perfection

So after round two of my imperfection series I have come to a few realizations which I cannot wait to share with you all.  I too also need to make a small confession along the way… stay tuned.

I want to start by giving the title of the new blog credit where credit is due.  If I could step back in time I would share with you the day I meet a very soulful friend.  You will have to picture this:  First day of high school.  Grade nine science class – I detest science.  Mrs. Looney – who through process of assimilation I too detested…I know that is completely unfair but if you teach I subject in which I have no interest and you attempt to make me like the periodic table of elements I am left with no other choice.  Yet the world continues to work in magical ways and the young girl who sat beside me became an angel in my life and I would never be the person that I am without her.  It was that angel who commented on my latest blog and I quote, ‘brown is the new black, imperfection is the new perfection…’  I could not have said it better myself and I am honoring our friendship with this title.  She is so right.  I recently read on article on how Facebook makes us all look like liars.  We post these pictures of our kids, our lives, our family’s, our businesses and we make it all look so joyful and perfect.  Yet the truth is that it is not always this way.  I will beg to differ with the author of that article in that we should celebrate the great moments of our kids, our lives, our families and our businesses.  Those moments deserve Facebook time – yet, we should also celebrate the imperfect moments too… because those moments are what make us real, human and vulnerable.  All great relationships usually start at a moment of vulnerability.  The moment at which we can truly understand and relate to one another.  We need to become ok with imperfection and we need to embrace it and create that soft space for own humanity within ourselves.

So now for the confession… on my last blog I showed you my messy kitchen and I celebrated it with having a friend for tea without attempting to clean up.  What I didn’t tell you was that the cat had also vomited on the floor and I had to ask my friend to watch her step.  I thought that part would completely gross you out… yet when I told my friend about it she said I should have shared it.  She was right.  If you are going to know part of me you might as well know all of me.  I did cover the cat vomit with a towel and I did clean it up after my tea.  Oh and I found time to take down my Christmas decorations.

So for imperfection blog number 3… I am going to tell you that my washing machine has broken down and has been that way since the middle of November.  Before you panic and think that I am walking around in very dirty clothes, please know that I have two washing machines because I have three boys that all play hockey and having two machines equals survival.  I did phone a repair man and he came and told me that he could not get the front panel off of the machine to see what was wrong with it.  He could bring another guy out, yet that would cost me an additional $100.   So I managed to convince my husband and his friend to help me pull the stacker washer dryer out of the cupboard and remove the front panel and then I would call the guy back.  To make a long story short… the machine is now in the hallway, the front panel is off, the repair man has come back, the problem is intermittent and of course failed to present itself on inspection, all he could surmise was that it was the transmission which is the same cost as a new machine, he told me to call him when the problem happens again – which it has but I am a mom on the go and so I fiddled with the dial and solved the problem temporarily, and guess what… it is March 1st and the machine is still in the hallway.  I need the repair man to move in and do all of my laundry for one week and then I am sure he will see the problem and be able to fix it and put the machine back in the closet.  I will include a picture of this imperfect disaster and to celebrate I plan on buying a new washer dryer before July.  In the meantime I think it looks rather artistic?!?!  A little nouveau chic!


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