5 Great Tips For Spring Break

Spring Break is calling my name… I am ready.  Deeply ready.  I know this because there are signs… signs that are so clear.  The other day I was grocery shopping and I actually took someones cart, picked up two more items, swung into the check out and as I reached down to unload I was shocked and slightly embarrassed as I stared down at a pot roast I was almost certain was not on my list.  I had to swing back to the bakery, find my cart and do a swift switch while no one was looking.  If that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is.  I knew my kids were ready too because as I picked them up the other day one of them pulled me aside and said mom I NEED to talk to you in PRIVATE.  As I sent the other two to the park I quickly learned that he had the worst day of his life.  There were two birthdays in his grade and neither in his class, his brother got Smarties and only shared 7, in gym class the opposing soccer team scored 14 goals in 90 seconds, his track jacket was STOLEN, and did I know that on all the days he was free to have a playdate his best friend was not AND on all the days his best friend was free to play he was not.  DID I KNOW THIS!?!  How on earth could I have let this happen?  As I listened intently and held his little heart next to mine I knew a few things that I could share with him.  I knew that 7 smarties was not enough, that getting scored on that many times in 90 seconds was horrifically horrible and terribly unjust, I know how maddening it is to lose a jacket, I know how sad I get when I miss my best friend and I definitely know that we all just need a break.  So here it is… no lunches, no driving, no homework, no schedule, no 6:30 wake up calls.  I know many mommy bloggers would give you ‘5 great tips to survive spring break with your kids.’ Well I am just not that kind of blogger… and the simple truth is that spring break is for connecting with your kids outside of the everyday routine of life.  Look for the joy outside of your schedule, break the rules and indulge in a pack of Smarties…809

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller