So I am sitting here with the hum of the dishwasher in the background and the fire place on feeling very grateful for the opportunity to write. ¬†I have been gathering information for my book. ¬†Inspiration hits me at the strangest of times in the oddest of places. ¬†I am finding my iPhone to be the best way to gather these random snippets of ongoing thoughts and ideas. ¬†The funny thing is that most of my inspiration comes from those brief connections with friends. ¬†Those moments I run into someone I know and we just casually chat and my wheels of thought start turning. ¬†When I finish this book part of me will know this is not my book, it will be a collaboration of inspiration, of friendship, of sharing ideas, of thoughts, and ¬†of concepts… it will be everyones work.

A few months ago I ran into a new mom who had just returned to work from maternity leave. ¬†We chatted about what I call the playground banter. ¬†You know where all the moms compare notes. ¬†Its the place where sometimes the perspective gets lost and moms can get competitive and critical at times. ¬†I offered up a thought during that conversation. ¬†A thought that will now own a space in a book. ¬†A short interlude, an offering… the idea that parenting is like yoga. ¬†An invitation to keep our eyes only on our own yoga mat, to focus within, to welcome our babies into our world and parent from a space in which we can grow ourselves and our personal relationships with our children.

I am so looking forward to diving deep into this book and I am so grateful for all those who continue to believe in my wild untameable ambition that knows no bounds.  Be gentle to your souls today and land softly.


I have found that if you love life, life will love you back .

Arthur Rubinstein