Slow Down

Slow down you’re moving too fast:

In staying with my perfectly imperfect theme I would like to highlight the fact that I haven’t blogged in a month.  Yet I vowed to blog and entertain you all at least once a week.  So here and now I have to find that soft space of forgiveness within my own being.  Every day I am reminded how hard we are on ourselves, and with that reminder I follow up with knowing that really all we have to do is just ‘be’.  If we ask ourselves to simply ‘be’ in the moment of our lives we become so present to our current task at hand and sometimes we can even let go of the crazy mental ‘to do’ lists that floats in our mind.  So right now in this moment all I want to do and be present to is this blog.  I am here and only here and I am committing to being in this space.  So how does all of this applies to being a parent.  I am thinking about my happiest times with my kids and what keeps coming to mind are those times after school when I just come home and sit on the sofa.  Sometimes not at first, yet eventually the kids start to gather and join me.  Sometimes just one and then slowly another and soon enough all three are sitting with me just talking about anything and everything.  Once in a while we will do this after dinner and the same effect takes place.  Eventually we are all just ‘being’ together.  There is no agenda, we do not have to be anywhere at any given moment.  We are not in a rush to get the dishes done or make lunches or fold multiple loads of laundry.  These are my favourite times.  So I thought I would invite you all to try this at home… you might need to try it a few times before the kids catch on.  Who knows what will transpire… maybe a tickle war or some cuddle time.  Maybe you will start a game of cards or read a book.  Maybe they will talk about their day or maybe they will ask you a million questions about the ways of the world.  So grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine and sit down, stop doing and just be with your family.  Let me know what happens!

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back .

Arthur Rubinstein