Another day another blog from the compassionate parent coach.  Sometimes I get stuck on what to share or to write about.  A mom myself to three amazing boys of my own I am certainly not short on blog material from my every day life.  Although I am short on time… From running my own business to raising those men, to grade 5 homework, to putting dinner on the table…  Ok let’s be real… I am the worst at getting dinner on the table.  I have actually redefined the word dinner to mean anything from the fridge that is on the table in an instant anywhere between 4:30 and 7:30pm.  There is nothing like a veggie platter, a toasted bagel and a cup of almond milk!  Yup – that’s considered a dinner… in my world anyways!  So back to a blog topic… I have really wanted to write about the Olympics and what our family learned from the experience… so here I go…

Overall I wonder about those athletes who work so hard and then crash on the one run that counts.  I was able to talk to my kids about how much we have to enjoy our life’s journey because we cannot put all we have worked towards into one run and then assess who we are and what our worth is.  Our worth belongs in our love for what we do and the effort we put into it along the way.

Oh and then there is the sweetness that life gives us – sometimes things all work out in our favor and two beautiful Canadian sisters win gold.  Those are moments in time that we truly get to celebrate.  Life should be celebrated… it will not always be easy, but when those moments come along… when you score a goal, ace the test, win a gold medal… celebrate it!

And when you win two gold medals from one Olympics to the next… you should definitely celebrate… yet sometimes you may need to take a moment and see what you are truly celebrating.  When Alex Bilodeau hugs his brother you see that sometimes the moments we celebrate do not come in the form of an accomplishment – they show up in the form of a relationship!

And then there is the Life is Unfair moments – ahh yes, sometimes life is unfair.  In the world of figure skating the word unfair may not do it justice.  This is when we get to teach our kids that sometimes what we know in our hearts to be true will trump everything else.

And one of my personal favs… it’s not over until the fat lady sings… (Is that saying even PC?!?) As the Canadian women’s hockey team reminded us… when we commit to something we give it our all and we do not give up until the final buzzer… so maybe we need to live our everyday life that way, so when the final buzzer of our life goes off we can say we always did our best.

And finally… sometimes we wake up at 4am for our country…  Because although we may not always say it we are proud to be Canadian!

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I have found that if you love life, life will love you back .

Arthur Rubinstein