Less is More

Where to begin… I have three fabulous topics in my head and I have to chose one for today…  As a Parent Coach I take a lot of inspiration from my clients.  They work so hard to raise amazing kids and it is easy to lose sight of what’s important when you are in the thick of it.  So today the theme is “less is more.”  I was on a coaching call with a fabulous mom the other day and she mentioned how she attempted to go for a bike ride with her two little ones.  Right from the get go it was a challenge and by the time they got outside to even begin the ride the joy that the excursion was suppose to bring had dissipated.  It became an exercise in patience.  Oh how I was thinking of this lovely mom this morning.  You see this morning was the Bikers Breakfast!  Kids could ride their bikes to school and have pancakes, bacon, juice and there were even prizes!  Fun right?!?!  It took a wee bit of organization, as we normally drive to school.  We also normally do not get up at 6am.  So picture this: one slightly grumpy mom who has attempted to give up coffee unsuccessfully (a blog on that later in the week), 2 over excited 11 year olds and a slightly whinny 7 year old.  By the time we reach the garage one is upset because their bike is not in the exact parking space they left it in, another decides his helmet strap is too tight and accidentally removes the clip from the strap completely, the third is urging me to hurry up and in an attempt to do so I slammed my shin into the bike pedal.  AHHHH.  By block three 2 children have flown ahead, one is crying because he is not use to riding with a backpack and a small stream of blood is trickling down my leg from the peddle incident.  Oh and did I mention there are hills… some less thrilled than others about that.  My inside voice wanted to come out so badly.  I was done.  We could have stayed home and had pancakes, bacon and juice.  As people drove by I could see what they were thinking… oh how cute, look at that mom and her boys biking to school.  5km and 45 minutes later we arrive.  Not sure where the joy went and I think I actually told my kids to try and look like they were having a good time.  Moral of the story in hash tags: #lessismore #baconshouldbeeatenathome #sometimesithelpstopretendyourehavingfun #dontgiveupcoffee #sometimeskidsneedtosuckitup #winewithdinnerafteralongdayhelps #drivetoschool #todaywemadeamemory #nomorebikersbreakfast #bikingwithapackbacksucks #bikinguphillsistoohard #downhillbikingonly #lovemykidsevenwhentheydrivemecrazy #stopmakinglifecomplicated #slowdownweremovingtoofast #weveallbeenthere  #itried


If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.

Carl Jung