Landing Softly

This morning I was watching my boys playing with their Rubik’s Cubes before school. ¬†I felt like my life feels much the same way. ¬†I am desperately trying to complete each side of the cube, and every time I feel like I am getting close on one side I have disrupted the other. ¬†I believe the technical term is balance… and lets just say this is my first blog since Christmas – so I clearly am way off. ¬† I will spare the reasons for my literary absence – as I assure you there is not enough room in this one little blog for them all. ¬†However it really comes down to commitment and doing what I love to do… and well I love to write… so I here I am.

I have gone back to UBC to be the ‘forever’ student and while it has been an incredible experience it has also been the one that has made the line between ok and completely and utterly overwhelmed extremely clear. ¬†While prepping for my recent final exam I morphed into a somewhat unrecognizable state… somewhere between sweatpants, endless cups of coffee, multiple packs of Mentos and my less than pleasant demeanour I survived. ¬†Although those around me may beg to differ. ¬†Not 3 days after the final I found myself sitting in a meeting with a published author to discuss my pending and currently imaginary book. ¬†Somedays I wonder why I am so busy chasing all these dreams of mine… I always say that I hope I live a very long life, as I have so much I want to do. ¬†So here I go… on a new path. ¬†My plan is to write a book about the life of a Parent Coach. ¬†Writing not only about my own personal experiences, but also about the calls I get and the questions I get asked and finally the perspective I continually find because of it. ¬†I will share little bits and pieces of my book with you as I go along. ¬†Please feel free to comment and add any of your thoughts. ¬† ¬†For today I will leave you with this… Ensure you leave yourself a soft place to fall… find space to screw up, space to get off balance, space to be frustrated and then a space within yourself to land, softly.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Lao Tzu