Have a little faith

It has been a while since I last blogged and there is no easy answer as to why I haven’t been keeping up with it.  The long and the short of it goes something like this:  My family needed me and I needed me.  I went in over my head and loaded way too much on my plate and I have spent the last 4 months taking a long hard look at what is truly important to me.  I am a go getter and I always want to do it all.  Yet, after a year and half of unopened mail and a few big things falling through the cracks I realized that I truly was insanely crazy to be living my life running from pillar to post.  Family is already chaotic without adding the unnecessary.  So here I am after rediscovering my own compassion for myself and ready to write again in all the meaningful ways I have written in the past.  I have never been one of those systematic bloggers that writes weekly or bi weekly without skipping a beat.  I need to be inspired to write and share naturally.  I honestly didn’t know when I would sit down in front of this computer again.  When was I going to ignore the laundry, school forms, appointments and hockey schedules and the overall organization that it takes to run a family of three boys?  When would I find time in between client calls and meetings to get back here listening to the methodic clicking of my keyboard and the flow of my parental thoughts hitting the page once again?  I had to just have faith that this time would come back to me, even though I didn’t know when it was going to occur.  Faith is an interesting concept in family life.  It comes up many times in my coaching sessions.  What is it that you do or say to remind yourself that everything will be ok?  That even though we can’t control, manipulate or force an outcome in life that we can still have faith that whatever it is we will have the ability to manage.

I was recently helping my grade 7 son with a homework project having to do with religion.  I was asking him about his own beliefs, as we currently do not practice any one religion.  He said to me that he believed in Jesus and that he knows from stories that Jesus came to earth.  I asked him if he knew this for certain.  Did he see it?  Could he smell the air that day?  Could he put his hand on his shoulder?  Did they have lunch together?  We shared some laughs over this.  Together over homework we hit on the foundation of FAITH.  We can’t touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it or see it – yet we can believe in it.  We can believe that even in the hard moments of our parental journey that our children will be ok.  That we will find ways to work through the stages and situations that present themselves.  That we can immerse ourselves in the joyful part of raising kids knowing that the hard parts will pass.  We can have faith that every smile is for every tear, that every whine is for every hug, that every rushed meal is for every slow one, that every Monday is for every Friday, and every non blog week is saved for one amazing blog every 4 months.  So this week I invite you to have a little faith… faith in your parenting and faith in your children.

No matter what, no matter how, where or who – you can always turn around and get a second chance.