Going Live

Like anything and everything the journey to a place on your life map can appear to be long and difficult.  The trip to this website felt as though it was being met by continuous resistance.  At times I wondered if it were a sign that I should give up, pack it in, move on, veer left, no right, or quite frankly not at all.  Truthfully, I have already accomplished so much and I have so much to be proud of… I could easily make this point on the map the pitstop for my life.   Ahhhh, life doesn’t know me very well if that is to be the case.  My vivacious spirit is almost impossible to tie down, especially when I feel I have finally paved the beginnings of the most beautiful path.  I began the mental visions of this site in January with high hopes to have everything in place by the middle of February.  Somewhere between raising three boys, writing a mission statement, ear infections, hockey practice, putting into words what a parent coach actually does, grocery shopping,  vision statements, laundry and hiring a web designer reality sunk in and I think I’m pretty sure Easter came and went.  Out of chaos came the desire for order and somewhere in there I managed to meet my muse… I phoned Helen Stepchuk, Director of Freshness from Cucumber Marketing Inc.  I knew we had a synergy that would produce an end result that we can both be so proud of.  She lit the fire in me and put me back on the bridge that I have been so faithfully building while envisioning my dreams.  Perhaps the biggest lesson that I have had to learn is that all of those pieces of resistance were necessary.  Each one, although appearing to be slowing me down, was in reality preparing me to fully embrace this moment, to honor the commitment, to appreciate my dedication and to present my heart so freely to my readers.  So here I am world… dive in… get to know me… laugh, love, & share with me.  Here I am, compassionately yours!

No matter what, no matter how, where or who – you can always turn around and get a second chance.