The Gift of Chaos

Every once in a while the ever so organized me falls apart.  Things get busy and life can start to look muddled.  Dates are swirling in my head that I didn’t write down… did I respond to that email?  Maybe?  Don’t I have something tonight… can’t remember what it is?  Laundry gets washed and sometimes folded, but rarely makes it back to the drawers before the next few loads have piled up again.  Last nights dinner dishes are getting washed the next day, just in time to make dinner again and that cycle continues for more days than I want to admit.  Pieces of the school uniform are missing or are not washed in time and I am sometimes pulling grey pants from the dryer minutes before we are walking out the door.  Hmmm no wonder they look too short… they probably shouldn’t even go in the dryer?  The cat bowl is empty, the litter needs changing, the youngest wet the bed again, and I think we are out of milk or bread… wait, it’s both.  Half way to school I realize we forgot an instrument or a bathing suit or a water bottle or something of importance.  I start to dream about the yoga class that I want to go to, but I feel pulled between the serenity of the class and the chaos in my life.  So where the heck is the gift in all this?

The gift lies in a theory that was revealed to me during my studies at the Parent Coaching Insitute… ‘Out of Chaos comes Order.’™  After thinking that through I realized that for so long I would fight the chaos and I would spend more time resisting it versus seeing it as a necessary catalyst for change.  When my life looks out of control I see it as an opportunity for expressing what I need in order to create a different outcome.  Sometimes I need a day alone in my house and other times I need to take something out of my schedule.  It is the gift of opportunity to reevaluate the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of my sometimes lofty goals that send me into this crazy state.  Chaos allows me to find and bring to light perspective.  I have to zero in on the most important things and let the non important ones go.

So the next time your life feels chaotic I invite you to sit in your own chaos and let it in. Without chaos we would have a harder time finding what we need to enjoy order.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller