Its Monday… and it always comes with such a harsh welcome, as the twins have track practice at 7:10am.¬† There are just some hours of the day in which I do not operate in fine fashion.¬† Now all three are tucked into their classrooms and all is mostly well… one forgotten library book and¬†one¬†forgotten pair of outdoor gym shoes.¬†¬† All and all not bad for a Monday!¬† I have been off the radar on my blog for a few weeks now… I really only want to blog if I feel passionate about what I am sharing… AND TODAY I DO!!!!¬† I honestly have something that I want every parent in world to see.¬† It is a You Tube video that was sent to me by a client who I absolutely adore.¬† I shared with her my feelings on Parenting Books.¬† I feel that most parenting books set parents up for failure.¬† Parents often read them in a state of desperation.¬† They are searching for answers about their own children in a beautiful attempt to do better.¬† We often read these books at the end of a long day of parenting.¬† The part of the day in which you have a small amount of time that is left for you.¬† The books begin to stack up and somewhere in there we believe lies the answer.¬† My hope for parents is that instead of reading these books they take the time to simply reflect on the situations that are causing them to turn the pages of expertly written advice.¬† Instead they can think about their own strengths as a parent, the strengths of their child, what has worked in past tricky situations and with the knowledge they have about their own child, what might work going forward?¬† Somehow all of these parenting books have sent us the message that we don’t know how to parent.¬† The irony is that there is a book to support every style and subsection of it.¬† From Tiger to Helicopter to Snowplow and now to Dolphin.¬† Is your baby the Happiest Baby on the Block?¬† I invite you to watch this video and please feel free to share your thoughts and your opinions with me… I welcome your opinion.¬† Your opinion matters.




I have found that if you love life, life will love you back .

Arthur Rubinstein